Description of Occupational Therapy Domains in the Classroom

Occupational therapy is a health care profession focused on helping individuals  of all ages learn (or re-learn) to participate in activities that “occupy” their time during the day despite physical, cognitive or social limitations.  Occupations important for students to participate in and master in the classroom are:

  • Personal care (feeding, toileting, dressing, hygiene, management of personal belongings)
  • Environmental Access (Maintaining and Changing positions, orientation and travel on campus, recreational movement)
  • Interaction (following classroom/school bus protocols and routines, safety awareness, respecting the space/time/materials of others, staying seated, requesting help, making needs/wishes known, social awareness, building/maintaining relationship)
  • Learning and Academics (participating in classroom activities, following demonstrations, understanding of cause and effect, carrying out verbal directions, attending to instruction, using classroom tools, graphic communication, managing materials, completing assignments, transitions between daily tasks
  • Play/Recreation (exploring/using objects/environments/ideas, interaction with peers, modeling/imagining/creating play schemes)
  • Community Integration/Work (field trips, school-related vocational training)