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Intake process and billing policies:

At Ann Paradis Law, PLLC, we start every case with a brief on-line intake to assess our ability to assist you.  We do not provide advice during the intake process and it does not cost anything.  If you cannot complete the intake form found on the bottom of the home page, contact us for assistance.

Upon receiving your completed intake form, Ms. Paradis will review it and determine if you would benefit from a consultation.  The purpose of the consultation is to learn facts beyond the intake, review paperwork, and provide you with advice and direction for your legal matter. There is a charge for consultation due to the amount of attorney time involved, the preclusion from doing other work, and the value of advice we provide.

Prior to the consultation, you will be asked to provde your records to our law office.

Education law consultations  take up to 1 ½ hours and cost $275.00.   The consultation is intended to educate you about your rights and provide the necessary tools to resolve your issue on your own if possible.   The consultation fee is due at the time of consultation for in person conferences.  If a phone conference is scheduled, you will need to make a payment in advance.

If you require more assistance than Ms. Paradis can provide during the consultation, you will be offered a contract for legal services and be required to pay an advance fee retainer.  It is very important that you read and understand the contract.  No work will start until you pay your retainer and sign your contract.  The retainer is deposited into our trust account until work is done on your case.  Hourly rates are as follows:

  • Ann Paradis – $175, $200 (Due Process)
  • Rondi Wellum, paralegal – $65

You will receive regular, even weekly bills, if we are working on your case a lot.  Once your retainer is depleted you will be asked to replenish it.  We charge interest for unpaid fees after 30 days.

ARAG members need to inform us during the intake process that they are members.

If you are a member of another pre-paid legal services policy and want to retain us, let us know so that we can investigate becoming an attorney provider.