News and Info

March, 2018

Ann attended the annual Council of Parent Attorneys and Advocates (COPAA) Conference.  This year, the conference was held in beautiful Monterey, California.  Ann attended the following sessions:

  • Endrew F. v. Douglas County School District RE-1, The Establishment – and Its Impact – of a Substantive Standard for a FAPE
  • NCD IDEA Report Series : The Persistent Gap Between Promise and Reality
  • The Top 40-Chart-Topping District Court Decisions of 2017
  • Full Inclusion: How to Fight for the LRE and What to do WHen you Get it
  • Resilient Advocacy: Strategies for Addressing Students Trauma and Our Own (Secondary) Trauma
  • Reviewing Timothy W. After Endrew: Meaningful Related Services for Students with Significant Disabilities

February, 2018

Ann presented a CLE training for the National Business Institute (NBI) in the area of Special Education.  Ann presented training in the following areas:

  • Managing Behavioral Issues:  Avoiding Critical Mistakes
  • Manifestation Destination
  • Due Process Rights:  Ensuring Appropriate Practices During Disputes